State of the Dashner

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. Yeah? Good. No? Hang in there!

So I made a decision. If Brandon Sanderson and the President of the United States and the Commissioner of the NFL (3 very similar people by all appearances) can get away with their respective “State of the Whatnots” speeches, then so can I. So let it be written, so let it be done. This is my first year doing so. I’m just glad that two creepy old men aren’t sitting behind me with grumpy faces while I write.

And, here we go. The official 2015 State of the Dashner Address:

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Misc, Comic Con Schedule 2014

Guys, we have a CRAZY week coming up! If you’re a fan of The Maze Runner, stay tuned each and every day for the next week or so.

Kicking it off right, tomorrow is the release of the paperback for THE EYE OF MINDS, the first book in my new series. Check it out while you’re waiting for the movie! CLICK HERE.

Also, next Tuesday is the official release of the all-new trailer for the movie. Plus some other surprises leading up to it. Don’t miss a thing.

And now, for those of you lucky enough to be in San Diego this weekend for the madness that is Comic Con International, here is my schedule of public events, including a Barnes and Noble signing in case you’re missing out on SDCC2014 itself.


Sadly, this one is only for me but I know you’ll all be there with me in spirit. Although I have seen a lot of footage, I’ll be seeing the final cut of the film in all its glory for the very first time, at Fox Studios in LA. It’s impossible to express my excitement for this. I’m going to write a full report next week sometime sharing my experience (without spoilers or other things that would make Fox murder me).


7:30 pm: This may create its own madness, but Fox is doing a screening of the film for some very lucky fans. Myself, Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Wes Ball, and Kaya Scodelario will be there for a Q&A. I honestly don’t know how the fans will be chosen. If you’re going to be in the area, I’d follow me very closely on Twitter (@jamesdashner) for more details. This is an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience.

EDIT: It looks like the screening will be moderated by Jake Roper of VSauce. To be considered for entry, you need to tweet him (@VsauceThree) with the hashtag #MazeRunnerSDCC. Good luck!


11:30 am: Beyond the Page Panel in Room 24 ABC. Join me and several other authors as we discuss writing books in the digital age, movies, that sort of stuff. Come and ask questions!

4:20 pm: The Maze Runner Panel in Hall H. I’ll be there with Dylan, Will, Wes, and Kaya, and I’m sure something cool will be shown on the big screen. This is part of the overall Fox program, so don’t miss it!

6:00 pm: The Nerd HQ Maze Runner Panel at Petco Park. Same people as above. We did this last year, remember? If you can’t make it, I think it will be streamed live. Again, follow me closely on Twitter for details like this as I learn them.


Morning: I’m not sure of the time yet, but I’ll be signing books at the Random House booth sometime before noon. How’s that for specific? When I get details, I’ll come back and fill them in here. (And do I need to mention Twitter again?)

EDIT: This signing will be at 9:30 am at the RH Booth which is #1515. Free, but you need a ticket. Ask for details at the booth prior to Saturday.

2:00 pm: Q&A and signing at Barnes and Noble Mira Mesa: 10775 Westview Parkway, San Diego CA 92126. This is also a ticketed event (free, but you need to get a ticket beforehand). Call Valerie Jones at 858-831-0446 for details.

6:00 pm: Publishing 360, Building a Bestseller Panel in Room 25 ABC. My agent, Michael Bourret, and my editor, Krista Marino, will be joining me on this panel, as well as author Christina Lauren and her team. This will be fun, kids.

Phew. I think that’s all my public events. I’ll also be doing lots of stuff for press, so wish me luck that I don’t make an idiot of myself.

We have two months until The Maze Runner movie comes out. One month until the sequel to The Eye of Minds comes out (The Rule of Thoughts). One week until the new trailer. We’re about to have some fun, people. Keep your party hats nearby.

Love you guys.

Time to Update #yolo

Hi everyone, and welcome to March! I have a feeling this is going to be a very exciting month for all of us. I can’t imagine why. Trailer, what? Who said that?

It’s been awhile, so I thought I would jump on here and give everyone a very random list of updates.

Remember, to stay fully in touch with my daily shenanigans, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jamesdashner) or Facebook (James Dashner fan page).

And, here we go:

1. This is very short notice, but I have two events coming up this week in Utah: I’ll be a guest at the official launch party for Brandon Mull and his new book, THE FIVE KINGDOMS. Also, on Saturday, I’m giving a keynote address at the Teen Author Boot Camp at Utah Valley University. I’ll be signing books at both venues. You can find more details on my EVENTS page (CLICK HERE).

That EVENTS page is now fully updated, at least for the events I currently know about. That includes my keynote address at the WIFYR conference in Sandy UT this June 19th, a really amazing conference that I highly recommend. It catapulted me in a very big way when I attended it 10 years ago. Be there or die. Too harsh?

2. Have you read THE EYE OF MINDS yet? No? Crack that whip! Now, I know that currently the Dashner Army is consumed with the movie excitement, and understandably so. No one is more excited than I am!!! But to keep you occupied until it comes out in September, give my new book a try. I really think you’ll like it. And the sequel (THE RULE OF THOUGHTS) comes out in August (in the USA and Canada), so you better hurry. For more info: CLICK HERE. Also, here’s a great trade review we received for it if you think I’m biased (Ha! I am!):

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Thank you

To my dear, amazing, awesomely awesome fans:

I’m kinda speechless, but I also know I need to say a few things. I know the MTV Movie Brawl might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it sure has lifted my spirits these last few days in the midst of a difficult time in our family. My sweet cousin, Stefanie, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer only 4 months after being diagnosed. She was 29. To know her was to know an angel, and my family will miss her terribly. She, like myself, was an artist, her love coming in the form of theater. In her short time on Earth, she shared her talents by teaching drama, and I know many lives were touched by her.

I only tell you that so you have some background of why your tremendous outpouring of support and love for me, my books, and our movie, has meant so much. Not just in the relentless voting you’ve all done over the last couple of weeks. I know many of you have bloody fingers and worn-out keyboards and phone screens. THANK YOU. I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed we’d make it to the Final Four, and I’m honored and happy and thrilled that we did. All because of my ridiculously fantastic readers. I have to say, and this is a compliment, you guys are insane in the brain. Crazier than Cranks. Rose would never get your nose.

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Lots and Lots of Stuff

Hi everyone!

I’ve done a lot of things lately for other websites, all together containing a plethora of informational nuggets on yours truly and my books and my movie and stuff like that. It’s all worth a good dozen or so blog posts, so I thought I would provide you all of the links in one central place, and you can read them when you are utterly bored!

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